Shows and Rollercoasters

Shows and Rollercoasters

Our visit to the Animal Kingdom Park was terrific, this is easily the best theme park for families because of the zoo atmosphere. Obviously with the name you know that animals are a big deal here. That is true, but also they have some really entertaining performances, live shows, musicals, and even roller coaster rides.

Everything is divided up into different areas of the park, similar to the way the Magic Kingdom had started the trend. One big recommendation would be to study the map carefully the night before you go. Yes some online website homework!

Preparation is a big deal. Do not compromise your trip and having the best experience by not doing enough prep work. Plus it's really fun to see and decide on the best things to do during your day. I can't say enough good things about our entire experience here in Orlando on a vacation.
Carmine R.

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All Day Zoo Park

We love the Golf Course near Disney for eighteen holes. If you need to get some cheaper food than some of the fancy places try the Papa John's Pizza restaurant which is excellent and you can take the food by your hotel Swimming Pool. There's also a grocery store called Aldi in town which is a nice way to save money.

Susana N.

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