Song Singing and Dance Show

Song Singing and Dance Show

We love it whenever there's something exciting going on over at the Theme Parks. A lot of music and singing keeps everyone in such a good mood. The one thing that the Magic Kingdom always delivers is loads of dance music. Theme Parks have alcohol for sale, if you need a dance groove pick me up. Thank goodness the parks do sell beer, booze, and wine.
Reggie J.

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Special to Do

Going to the music concerts is something really special to do. The best thing about it is it just last forever because some of these songs will get into your brain and stay there. I started watching the disney channel more lately because of the music. It's fun at my house now because I keep music on in the background even if I'm watching TV and my kitty cat loves it.

The theme for tonight is eat-and-run. Lion King kitty comes in to eat, and quickly runs back outside to be in the full moon night. He is all hyped up about the nice weather and full moon. The good thing is, so far, no critters have come around, no bully cat fights.

Monica A.

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