Stop and get a Beer

Stop and get a Beer

They really know how to make the authentic fish and chips, just like the traditional back home. This is my top pick for lunch or dinner at Disney Orlando. I like a mature place that you can relax and have some beers. The world of very good alcohol choices at Disney is ridiculously good.

on the menu is the bass ale draught pint! The beer and food are super. You will love this zone, plus do not miss the funnel cake spots.

Grab a Funnel Cake at spots like Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, Oasis Canteen, or the Funnel Cake Kiosk along Disney Boardwalk. Toppings are typically pretty standard. We love ice cream with strawberry along with the classic powdered sugar. Now, as someone who loves a good funnel cake, I have to admit, Epcot has cornered the market as far as Disney Funnel Cakes go. But this isn’t just any funnel cake. It’s FUNNEL CAKE TIME!
Rico O.

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Eating on the Lake

Eating on the lake is super to do. Hi Florida Travel Commander from the Pop Century Resort, what fun. The hospital did call and asked if I could sub on wed for an ill volunteer. If you could include wed in your busy schedule along with fri to let dixie out, that would be great. Same time, same place, same way.

Disney is prime, but not so pet friendly. Jim should be back home by next Sunday, but I will keep you informed, as a helper is needed for left at home pets. I am sure you will see the rv when it pulls up, as Fort Wilderness is pet friendly, thanks, marilyn mansfield.

Margot W.

Yorkshire Fish Shop

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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