Hot Picks for Family Play

Hot Picks for Family Play

Our children really enjoy the interactive parts of Disney, it is special to get involved. The Boneyard in Dinoland is such a spot, where you climb through a play maze filled with fossils. Your would be dinosaur scientist will get to be up-close with giant greats of the past. Look out for T-Rex and Triceratops!

It really is kinda like a circus the way they have this whole area fancied up. We have two kids, one for and six, Big Smiles here and you may be here for a while. Nemo is a big winner. Yes, Nemo the show is fantastic.

Thanks for the Theme Park planning tips. I am doing a lot of thinking and trying to figure things out. I would rather get out before I get kicked out, but get in all the rides. When Animal Kingdom closes we are all going to eat at the golden China kissimmee buffet. Also good is Tomasino's Pizza and Little Saigon Restaurant for dining.
Alden O.

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It is fun at Theme Parks and be sure to take lots of photos. Orlando blows away my hometown of Cape Coral Florida, and that is we love to stay at the disney hotels. I was thinking about what you said about not seeing any young people when you bike ride. It could be the time of day you are biking. If you are biking in the middle of the day, then you won't see too many people because they are at work or in school, except for the retirees.

If you were in Orlando, you might see more people because there are a lot of people in the hospitality industry in Orlando and they work all kinds of shifts. Lion King kitty is glad I am home after the day at the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The weather is nice so he can stay out late tonight.

Harlan J.

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