Surprises for Pure Speed

Surprises for Pure Speed

It is very nice that they came up with the way any ordinary adult can simulate a real auto racing event. You even get to wear the uniforms and everything. If they could get some of the Nascar drivers to hang around there and do interviews, wow that have some real drawing power. Darn if they did not move it to daytona beach.

I love the photograph of all the helmets, it made me laugh and also brought out some good memories. They sure are imaginative and keep coming up with better things all the time. The four main Theme Parks are only part of the day and you get all the fun over on International Drive.

We are constantly busy and it's just a matter of trying to figure out what you're going to do next especially if you have the park hopper pass. Most anybody that likes to drive fast, which probably includes anybody that grew up in the 80s or 90s will want to get behind a race car and certainly get up to a faster speed than you ever could in your hometown when you were sixteen years old.
Ruby Y.

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Speed Thrills

I was scared at first but after a little while I got into it by the final lap I was cruising at 155 miles an hour and no problem. I've heard about lotta people throwing up but it wasn't an issue. Many people have problems on Astro Orbiter, so no wonder they have the same things here at the racetrack.

What a trip, and we got a weekly condo rental near disney so we could bring our cat. Each night was crazy as That yellow cat came back again. My Lion King Kitty was inside. I went out to give the gift plants I bought at Ikea store some water and he was in the screened porch. I chased him off again! I think he is attracted to Lion King Kitty's new lion king condo! Yes the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas for Staying Overnight is prime as is Dd's Discounts for Shopping.

Nestor B.

Disney Speedway

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