The Hot Ticket is Epcot

The Hot Ticket is Epcot

Most of the shows that you see around the various Disney Theme Parks are pretty funny and highly energetic towards making you laugh. This was a lot different, as everything is all serious business with the jumping, spinning, and balancing things on top of their heads! These are kids really, may be in the range of eight years old to thirteen years old. Perhaps I'm wrong about the ages but they sure look young to me and that's why they have so much flexibility. You can watch the shows each day, and it's been going on for decades. The cast member acrobats change all the time, as I can tell some of the faces are different. If you try to talk to a few of those guys that you can tell they don't speak much english, but a little bit and are very friendly and always smiling.

I used to think the Chair Act over in the France Showcase area was the best thing that they did, but these particular high flying acrobats really do it the way it should be. Your pulse will go up, and you'll find yourself sweating a little bit just watching these people take on these tremendous challenges. I know we came to Epcot for all the great food just like over at China gourmet kissimmee cafe, which is in Orlando trademark with all the wonderful restaurants around town. We ended up being most impressed by the acting and the shows that just happen right out on the streets. Way to go Walt Disney, we love the stuff.
Lillie Y.

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Chinese High Flying Acrobats

The number one thing to do at Epcot showcase is enjoying the Chinese high flying acrobats. What a special group of people they are performing for guests in Epcot's China courtyard. This is the kind of thing which is better than a roller coaster ride.

Seeing the performance live and up close makes it the best ever. Add my vote for Cracker Barrel and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for dining after the park day is over.

Russel E.

China Acrobat Performance

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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