Lego Dragon

Lego Dragon

I wanted to point out some of the best things to do for all ages near Disney. Impressive in every way is the Lego Dragon which is part of what you see when you're touring Disney Springs. They have a huge Lego Store and actually built a fire breathing Lego dragon and have it sitting in the lake. It's huge and a one-of-a-kind thing to take a picture of.

Because it's near the sidewalk you can stick somebody in front of this monster and snap some great photography. We are always looking for photograph opportunities and this place is bigger and better than ever.

I love the Ghirardelli Sweet Spot store as that's a great place to get a snack For all Ages. By the way this location is part of the Free Transportation system that they offer here for you if you stay at one of the disney resorts. You will have fun times and it was a pleasure to pick a resort with the beach so we could really enjoy Florida.

We would recommend doing one day at the theme parks and then why not try something different. International Drive is so close, and of course they have the water slide parks to get wet on a summer day. What a good time we had and we will never forget the Lego monster!

It is the coolest little place to take the family for some live music. They have stuff here every evening. Right in the middle of Disney Springs is an area that has mini concert stages set up for music. Very entertaining.

I love the dining spots here too, like T-Rex plus the Subway, Taco Bell, and Arby's is close by! The whole scene is amazing and all so family friendly. Many of the dance clubs have become a bit more ok for small kids now.
Barbra Z.

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Enjoying the Disney Mall

Ok, stu. That sounds good to stop and see the Lego Dragon. We can make the burgers on Saturday for the campground. I am going to make some lasagna just like they have at Pizzeria Uno for Friday. The Taverna Opa Orlando should be on the to do list along with Disney Springs for the nightlife.

Alissa H.

Disney Springs

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