Stylish Motorcycle Clothing

Stylish Motorcycle Clothing

Very impressive is the Disney Springs motorcycle superstore. This is one of the places that every Orlando bound motorcycle rider needs to stop in to check out. I was pretty impressed with the clothing line, as you don't have to even ever have been on a motorcycle to enjoy the stylish apparel for men or women.

We were gift Shopping, and I wanted something different and my brother is going to love it. They have the coolest hats you'd ever want to see, baseball caps and helmets. Harley-davidson has their logo on everything from cigarette lighters to identification tags for your pets!

Browsing around the shops of Disney Springs is always fun because everything is so unique. I love the fact that they put a whole different kind of store here not just a place for Mickey Mouse gifts. I love the Disney superstore but I have to admit the harley-davidson motorcycle clothing is my favorite. What a lovely thing to do is to put a cool motorcycle shop at a place where everybody can see it rather than on the interstate where you just drive by.

I would say this is one of the better things they came up with when they were thinking about which shops to put into this wonderful Orlando outdoor mall. I would assume that they have sold a lot of motorcycles over the years just by getting people to start with the clothing!
Annabelle F.

Harley Store

1502 Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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