Daily Entertainment Shows

Daily Entertainment Shows

The different acts, live music bands, and impromptu entertainment does change on a daily basis. One thing special about Sunset Boulevard is the way it changes each day. This Jones guy is my personal hero to save the day. This is one of our top picks, you get so much in one place and it will make you laugh.

Special is the word here for a movie set original, this is a top ten thing to do. That photograph is just fantastic of that airplane and Indiana Jones on top, with all the dead bodies down below and the fire.

This is not your normal thing, and actually many people have died over the years doing the stunts at Disney World Orlando. It is real, and very well done. When Indiana Jones flies to the air on that rope on his way to that third story building, if he misses his mark and cannot catch the grab point, he could die.
Nelly J.

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Movie Set Original

One of the best parts about going to this attraction is the line queue, as it moves very briskly so people can find their seats in a massive stadium. It's pretty hard to get bored with all of the activities and the people watching. You will definitely get hungry and I would recommend stopping at Mcdonald's and getting some food to bring inside, cheap snacks. Yes, having cheap snacks is a good way to save money so you don't get famished and have to eat the more expensive Theme Park Food even though it's fantastic.

They also have a Buffalo Wild Wings which is really good to go after for the beer and the wings. Because you've done so much fitness walking you have a lot of extra calories so go ahead and consume. We also liked Firehouse Subs which is a cafe and they are quick service.

Graciela C.

Indiana Jones

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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