Touring Far away Land

Touring Far away Land

I know this as close as I will get, so it makes absorbing all so real. Just believe you are there, in the land of Morocco. We noticed the area is divided into sections, old city and new city. The sexy belly dancers love to show it off. For nightlife, we like the dragon room. We like to party and sip cocktails.

I have to admit I really like the architectural beauty of the things that they have here. As you Walk around the World sidewalk you will see plenty. It's amazing and it makes eight hours or ten hours goes so fast.

I was quite surprised to see how much weight you can actually lose if you stay here for three or four days. With all of the swimming pools find that you get back at the hotels and walking at the theme parks, that adds up to a diet vacation! If you want to go out to eat we like a couple of places a lot. Try the Lazy Moon Pizza or Houlihan's for dining.
Samuel V.

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Unique Architecture

The architecture of this particular showcase is absolutely perfect. I did some research and looked around on some photographs of the cities of Morocco, and this is it. You have to give the designers the best of recommendations for building your own house if you live in Orlando.

I would love to take some of these designers and say go at it, build my castle with a Magic Carpet Ride please! Make sure you see the belly dancers. There is some more unique Shopping Opportunities very close by at the Japanese Mitsukoshi Department Store. There are so many things in here, you just don't want to miss it all. What I like the most is this Summer Music Concert Series, after drinking a little bit of alcohol!

Malik A.


1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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