Try to Sit in the Front Row

Try to Sit in the Front Row

We loved this one, a classic tale that really never gets old. It is a lot better than the Disney Movie, you know, seeing it live and in the musical form. The entertainment in Orlando has just blossomed so nicely over the past few decades. Hitting the Town in Orlando now means moving here for a year to do it all.

Very fun is the opportunity to get involved with something so special. This is a classic tale, and your kids will finally get to see it up close and a live event. The stadium is pretty large, and so big that you really do not want to be in the back rows.

You're better off if you can get a better seat by going a little bit early. They do offer preshow entertainment for those that like to come and get the best seats. If you are just two people, it's not too difficult to pick out a close-up seat even after the stadium has been filling up for a little bit.
Kimberley A.

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Classic Tale

Try the bottom left area, the farthest part away from the entrance to get a really good seat. When you get an opportunity to go to a live event such as this, it is well worth the extra fifteen minutes of waiting time by going early.

I can't say enough how happy we were to be on the closer rows. After try Spice Thai Restaurant or Flippers Pizzeria for dining.

Raul B.

Beauty and the Beast

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