Universal Studios Hotel Review

Universal Studios Hotel Review

Go ahead and book it and you will be happy for sure, no matter if you're in the first floor or on the fifth floor or somewhere in between. What an outstanding place to stay for a family that wants to do the rollercoaster stuff here in Orlando without driving your car. I kid you not, as this is a place where you don't have to use your automobile once you park it in the loewshotels.com hotel parking lot. It's on a good spot here as the property is on kirkman road which is one of the nicer areas in town for quick access to restaurants like johnnysotherside.com and of course the famous Ale House bar.

It's upscale if you want that type a think as they have room service and the spot treatment, but we just wanted the ability to take advantage of the walking path right over to the theme parks each day. I think it's quieter than for instance the Beach Club Hotel over there next to Epcot, but similar since you can walk to a Theme Park. I would think that would be a very good comparable to take a good look at the Beach Club Resort amenities and then compare them directly to what you get here at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando. Both would be excellent choices so it just depends on what you've done the last time because you want to mix it up and stay at different places when you're in this town.

I don't think I'd ever repeat the same hotel experience twice because there are an endless array of good places to keep it more unique by going to a different hotel each time you're vacationing. They have three main restaurants located right here on the property but really you have all of the Citywalk dining options so close by so you don't really need to eat at the hotel at all. The whole idea here was to make this look I can italian Fishing village and they did a pretty good job but I didn't see any fish jumping! I did see a lot of birds and they were all around the water so there must be fish inside that they were eating on. It does seem like a fake lake but it's beautiful because it's manicured everywhere you look and walk around.

This is probably the quietest of the four main hotels that are really close to Universal Studios and it might be because it has that upscale twist to it. The Hard Rock Hotel which is right next to this one has a music theme and gets people psyched up because it's a little more upbeat. The italian motif is great for dining and wine lovers, and they have Thirsty Fish bar so make sure you stop in and try something there. We like to stop at one of the local Pizza places cornerstone-pizza.com on the way and so we can have some food to heat up on our first day of arrival.

Don't worry about a thing because if you need food or alcohol there is a bar of every variety within a five minute walk. Get anything you want from chicken wings to pizza to a big spaghetti and meatball dinner. You can purchase Theme Park Tickets right at the front there so it's a easy when you are ready to go inside of Islands of Adventure. We like this place close to Screams and Laughter so we would highly recommend it.
Marco Y.


5601 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819
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