Using your Dance Shoes

Using your Dance Shoes

There is something for everyone, great fun and sightseeing for young children and grandparents too! Check the event schedule carefully upon arrival, as the ongoing series of live stage and street performances are remarkable. One of the top spots for Orlando nightlife.

Doesn't everybody like to dance. We always like to get into the music scene when we are on vacation. I was very impressed with the lineup of musical opportunities that they have over here at the Disney theme parks and on International Drive.

We like to go back to one of the cheap Disney hotel rooms in the afternoon and do some swimming. Then we have some cocktails as we get beer at Publix and keep it cold in the room. It's a lot of fun to have a buzz going before you jump on the Disney bus and had to Epcot for the music!
Margery L.

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Epcot Bandstand

That's a great photograph of the Epcot Bandstand, just so impressive. Our family is planning a trip now, we are going to stay for four nights at the Beach Club Resort which is right next door to the Epcot entrance way.

It took a lot of planning and foresight to figure this whole thing out, as Disney is pretty complicated with all the different hotels and then you have the theme parks plus the water sports stuff. Music is big for us so that's our primary focus and you got the World Showcase of restaurants which I cannot wait to nibble around on.

It seems like the reviews of the people they good Epcot are really happy. Since were coming as adults with no children, the Epcot showcase seems like the place to go so we can have a sip of wine while were enjoying our day. I think it's gonna be super special as Florida is one great state. You know it's a good state of Mickey Mouse decided to pick right here to live!

Nigel A.

Epcot Band Stage

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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