Very nice Disney Resort

Very nice Disney Resort

Super pretty is this hotel, the resort's pathways are lined with color and rocks, plus cactus! Everything surrounds a very large lake and that makes it super special because many of the rooms have the waterfront view. A great thing to do each morning is take that nice sidewalk system that goes all away around the lake and take a stroll with your coffee in hand to wake up. I love the added feature of the mini refrigerator in each room to load up the bud light beer! This is the kind of place where you'd like to move in permanently! Orlando is a fun city and equal to the Daytime Tours of Key West Florida for all day smiles and lots to do.

One of the options they are going to offer you when you are going through the process of booking your reservations is do you want to preferred room. The preferred rooms do not guarantee you a specific location however they are generally the places that have a better waterfront view or are very close to the central pool area. Some people think it's really nice to be close and they don't mind paying an extra twelve or fifteen dollars a night, I don't remember exactly what the price was. We talked it over at my house when we are booking and decided no we don't need to pay extra because were going to be mainly gone all day and if the room is located in extra one hundred yards to the right, that's not that big of a deal.

Once we got here we agree with the philosophy of not dealing with the preferred room rates because it just doesn't matter that much. It is fun to walk from your hotel room to the central Swimming Pool area because everything is so gorgeous. We don't even go that fast because were looking, and stopping to take some photos and there are things to see just about every ten feet.

It's a lot of good times here so fun for younger children in Orlando taking vacations. Some of the things we did don't happen at the theme parks, so Get Ready to Putt at the miniature Golf Course. This hotel compares very favorably to the feeling you get when you arrive just like the Polynesian Resort Entrance Area as it will make you smile from the moment you get here. What a big step up from the Motel Six experience, since you get amenities galore!

They have a great group of marinas to do water sports but it is not cheap, but super fun. What a pool, with a mayan pyramid that flows like a waterfall into the pool. The ranchos rooms are close to the main pool, known as the dig site. Panchito's is the huge gift shop in el centro for all kinds of itmes and snacks. All rooms have refrigerator, a table and chairs. Bell services loaded us and our luggage on a golf cart and off we went!
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Coronado Springs

1001 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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