Well Built Sandwiches

Well Built Sandwiches

There is a place on International Drive for the best sandwiches in town. They advertise them as well built sandwiches and they do back it up with a quality product. I think it starts with a really good bread and I like the sourdough myself toasted. There's something about sandwiches that have just the right kind of bread that's not too thick and holds the ingredients with good proportions.

My favorite might be the philly cheesesteak sandwich that is loaded down with peppers, onions, and grilled mushrooms plus the french fries are fabulous with all of the sandwiches. They have the famous hangover burger if you want to try something a little different as it includes a fried egg, with cheese, red onions, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and of course there famous french fries.

The blackened fish tacos will make you feel like you are down in the Florida Keys because of the great taste and the coleslaw. Find the bar and pub open every day seven days a week and close at midnight typically. On the bar menu are three dollar party shots like a lemon drop and a fireball.

The fireball party shot is listed on the menu as it tastes like heaven and birds like hell! You might want to try sex on the peaks which is vodka, cranberry, and fresh squeezed orange juice mixed together. This place is fun and the food is fabulous.
Phil P.

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We had our Christmas luncheon there. It was very good. They are high-tech too in this city. We like Restaurant Row with bars and all the Rides with Scare Factor for smiles. They have high-tech menu so you don't use a waitress to order your food, but a waitress brings the food. I have driven by the restaurant a few times, including today. They had a good number of cars there for lunch.

Dwight D.

Twin Peaks

8350 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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