West Guest Wing

West Guest Wing

I just had to take a photo of where we would enter our hotel each time we returned here at the west guest wing entrance. Even the entranceways into your room area are fantastic and feels so much like being in Italy similar to the Italy Showcase at Epcot. I like the whole italian theme and that's why we decided to stay here during our trip to do things at both Universal Studios and the stuff at disney parks.

Having lots of recreational activities that your hotel is a big deal for us and you might as well get plenty for your money. We did a lot of good time stuff around the Swimming Pool and they even have an event schedule for music and entertainment plus happy hours at the hotel bars. We went out a couple of times and even had a great pancake breakfast at the local International House of Pancakes restaurants.ihop.com which is just up the street here off kirkman road.

I think the location is excellent if you want to get out in your car for an hour or so and explore some of the local Shopping places and there are some good local restaurants. I would definitely go to the Ikea store if you will are not here through an airplane. Stopping at the shops means you might find something that's a little bigger or bulky but the deals are so fantastic you just have to grab them are you can. One of the things that really blew us away was how neat is to go into Citywalk and just eat right up there at like a place Moe's burrito cafe.

Having the exceptional dining opportunities so close by is a dream for us. They have an irish bar, all kinds of italian food, and lots of themed restaurants. When you want to get out of here for a little while, you could just go to one of those Chinese buffets close by and devour some food for under six dollars during lunch. I'm not kidding, a buffet of fantastically prepared oriental food for that price is just too good to pass up. I think this hotel stacks up with anything like ihg.com that you will find in the area. It's very romantic for those types of getaways! Being in the action is a good thing, plus we were impressed for Daily Entertainment Options.
Daryl C.


5601 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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