Expect to Have Tons of Splashable Fun

Expect to Have Tons of Splashable Fun

It is just the best Orlando hotel for fun, playtime, and swimming pool activities. We like to stay busy when were back at the hotel and Disney does a good job with that, and it is even better if you have children. The housekeeping at any of the disney resorts is very nice and we can't complain there. What a pleasure it is to have a Food Court so close to your room. Some of the sandwiches are pre-made, they offer a nice assortment of fruit.
Olga W.

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Making the most of your Orlando hotel experience

Everything was nice, I really like Orlando in general for the fantastic experiences and fun things to do. When you stay at a nice resort in the city, everything is just that much more fun because you get the swimming pools to come home to. Yes, even heading to the hotel puts a smile on your face. As you know that you cannot beat jumping into the Swimming Pool!

Carly B.

Do Not Forget Your Beer and Wine

You get the most value on the west side of Orlando, where the hotels are here by the thousands. We like to be close to the action and the disney hotels provide that. Leaving the car in the parking lot makes your day so much nicer. They have a whole transportation system set up to get you from place to place that you don't have to bother with the thing. The mini fridge is big enough to pack it with beer and wine!

Markus Q.

Caribbean Beach

900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
More: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/caribbean-beach-resort/

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