Character Greeting Area

Character Greeting Area

I really wouldn't wait in line for the Disney character greetings here. Things just happen spontaneously during your day, so your child is going to be meeting some of the characters but you don't have to wait in line. That is very good attention to detail by the management and creative teams.

You can read a lot of different opinions on what's the best way to meet the characters at Disney. Some people go through the traditional means, which means the greeting stations. You can definitely pick your favorite characters and get an opportunity to visit them up close.

You can take a short video, get an autograph and even a hug. If you like to do it this way go right ahead and get in line. My personal preference is to take the kids and just be more aware of your surroundings.
Herschel Q.

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Character Greeting Stations

There are character opportunities all over the place as you go about your day. You might be waiting in line, and there will be a character coming by like Winnie the Pooh for example. If you and your family members are ready with the cameras, get over there and go say hello with a big smile. It's more fun when the things happen spontaneously.

As for other ideas, International House of Pancakes for Dining and Ross Department Stores for Shopping. Ok, Florida Travel Commander. Yes, please come over to the Magic Kingdom at Night.

At the hotel, Fresh salad is made and I am making speghetti with meat sauce. I had extra meat so I made a new batch of taco dip too. Mickey mouse is going to meet us, but I am probably going to have to work until 6 tomorrow then put on my snow white outfit. What fun it is!

Pamela E.

Character Greetings

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