Where to take Kids

Where to take Kids

It starts with a guided Wildlife Express Train Ride, which takes you to Rafiki Petting Zoo and Education Center. Small children will adore the Affection Section, so plan for at least 30 minutes. We were very impressed with the educational aspects that happen during the fun.

Having a couple of small children makes me want to always focus on things that there learning. The fact that the cast members will teach you all kinds of neat and entertaining stuff makes the day even better. Always take notes as a parent and you can quiz your kids later.

We like to write down every type of animal we see. If you get an opportunity to see different kinds of music played, we write that down. Then we have lots of things to talk about as we review the notes when we are driving back to Clearwater Beach where we live.

We also come to Orlando because of the shopping and the food. My number one pick for shopping is a Ikea store and also the Hudson's Furniture Showroom is fantastic. There's some good restaurants in town for Dakshin Indian Cuisine and the Woodlands restaurant is nice.
Gabriela R.

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Interactivity makes Children Happy

At Rafiki's Animal Affection Station the children get to discover all sorts of animals up close. It is really neat and you want to bring your video. The kids get to learn as this is the Disney Wildlife Conservation Station. Pet the animals outside and then come inside to more of the learning and Live Show area.

Lena J.

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