Higher Quality Dining

Higher Quality Dining

The new restaurant next to the Orange County Convention Center is I hit. What a beautiful place and I am glad they tried to focus on a little bit more stylish restaurant rather than compete with the every day experiences like Fridays as an example, which is good, but this is better.

Everybody dresses a little nicer in here, people know it is the place to enjoy your dinner and look the part. Maybe it's the fact that they have such great products they sell to wear, plus this is a store to buy some fancy duds to wear to the theme parks. During the vacation week we decided to spend one night to go out, just the two of us for a special romantic dinner. This place did not disappoint as it is completely unique and gorgeous inside.

Sitting outside is an alternative, I guess it just depends on how hot or cold it is that day but we got a seat inside and loved it. You can watch all the activity while you're dining and chatting, so take your time and relax and get some cocktails. They make fancy drinks or just get a big tall beer. The motto of the restaurant is to come on in and enjoy as celebrations are a nightly occurrence!

We learn not only do they have this great spot here on International Drive but they have a location in Naples, Sarasota, and Jupiter Florida. We are lucky to have this restaurant in Orlando now and another one to pick from, because we like to try a bit of everything. You will like it down here as there is lots to do in the area and you do not need your car once you arrive. Walk around and enjoy the scenery, before or after dinner there's a lot to do for fun and it's all family friendly. I have to mention the mango habanero Margarita which was the best drink I've ever had.
Margarito F.

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Dinner and Cocktails

There sure are a lot of good places to eat in this town, this is one of them. I like the Stonewood Grill and the Royal Thai Restaurant. For the beer drinkers you might want to try the Ale House which is Always a Winner for cocktail time. They had some really good Disney clothing on sale over a JCPenney if you gonna be Shopping.

Milo Y.

Tommy Bahama

9101 International Drive Suite 1200
Orlando FL 32819

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