Quick Service Food Restaurant

Quick Service Food Restaurant

This is the best quick service food restaurant near Disney World by far. I fell in love with this restaurant chain when they first arrived to Florida. I like the way that you order first, right away when you get in there and then they call you when you're food is ready to be picked up. They have super quick service most of the time, except when the place is jamb packed.

I love the cannonball sandwich with meatballs, parmesan cheese, and lots of mozzarella cheese. The sandwich bread is a lot better than the Subway sandwich shop, although they are excellent sandwich makers. Consider this a great option if you're staying at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort, as you can take the boat over in the morning and have breakfast at the restaurant.

My favorite breakfast sandwich is probably the ham, egg and cheddar cheese, which is a hot breakfast sandwich. The breakfast sandwiches are made with all the fresh ingredients and the Earl of Sandwich mini loaf bread.

Make sure you get one of their apple crumb or the blueberry muffins, which are big and yummy. This is a good place to go to get some food to put in your mini refrigerator back at the hotel for late-night snacks. If You want to Eat super healthy for breakfast for your kids or yourself you can get oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts on top.
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Good Things to Eat

Good things to eat are not just in Orlando, as You have to See the Earl of Sandwich menu St Petersburg. I would love to treat for the Earl of Sandwich, which we could pick up on halloween Friday or Saturday. We could get a couple of salads and a couple of sandwiches too. We can get it without the lines of Disney Springs, even though it is great to visit that zone. We could get twenty or thirty dollars worth and have plenty of leftovers! Florida Travel Commander is buying the halloween meal.

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Earl of Sandwich

1750 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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